Who Are We?

We are a committed community of parents, teachers, and students who join hands to enrich the educational journey for everyone involved. Our mission is to create a strong community, raise funds for school programs, provide volunteer support for school events, and advocate for the rights and needs of our students and teachers.

When you join us, you're not just becoming a part of an organization; you're becoming a part of a family that shares the common goal of making our school a better place. You're becoming a part of a team that celebrates every achievement, supports each other during challenges, and works tirelessly to create an engaging and productive learning environment.

Meet The Executive Board

  • Ms. Diana Diaz


  • Mr.Ruel Solmerin-Rude

    VP of Finance, Website

  • Mrs. Alicia Cobos

    VP of Relations, Graphic Artist

  • Ms. Chelsey Holland

    VP of Community Outreach

  • Mrs. Jina Shin


  • Mrs. Ava Cyrus

    Book Fair Chair

  • Mrs. Brittany Meesawat

    Communications Specialist

  • Mrs. Aymee Reyna

    Membership Chair

  • Mrs. Vianney Duffy

    Parent Volunteer Coordinator

  • Mrs. Nicole Chester

    Social Media Chair

  • Special Events

  • Mrs. Jennifer Schamberg

    Spirit Shirt Chair

  • Mrs. Danielle Medcalf

    Sponsorship Chair

  • Mrs. Samantha Capps

    Staff Appreciation Chair

  • Mrs. Heather "Nani" Alesna

    Yearbook Chair

  • Mrs. Janis Keller

    Support Member, Winter Holiday Chair

  • Mrs. Natalie Prellwitz

    Support Member

  • Ms. Joline Jaffe

    Support Member

  • Mr. Vahid Najafi

    Support Member

  • Mrs. Laurie Lee-Ricks

    Assistant Principal (Administration Designee)

  • Ms. Sara Pezel

    Orchestra & Violin Teacher (Teacher Representative)

  • Student Representative