Meet The Executive Board

We are a committed community of parents, teachers, and students who join hands to enrich the educational journey for all Doral Saddle students. Our mission is to create a strong community, raise funds for school programs, provide volunteer support for school events, and advocate for the rights and needs of our students and teachers.

  • Ms. Diana Diaz


  • Mr. Ruel Solmerin-Rude

    VP of Finance,

    Website Specialist

  • Mrs. Alicia Cobos

    VP of Relations,

    Graphic Artist,

    Special Events Chair

  • Ms. Chelsea Holland

    VP Community Outreach

  • Mrs. Jina Shin


  • Mrs. Nicole Chester

    Social Media

  • Mrs. Danielle Medcalf

    Sponsorship Chair

  • Mrs. Heather "Nani" Alesna

    Yearbook Chair

  • Mrs. Samantha Capps

    Staff Appreciation Chair

  • Mrs. Ava Cyrus

    Book Fair Chair

  • Mrs. Brittany Meesawat

    Communications Specialist

  • Mrs. Jennifer Schwamberg

    Spirit Wear Chair

  • Mrs. Aymee Reyna

    Membership Chair

  • Vianney Duffey

    Parent-Volunteer Chair

  • Janice Keller

    Winter Holiday Chair,

    Support Staff

  • Mrs. Natalie Prellwitz

    Support Staff

  • Ms. Joline Jaffe

    Support Staff

  • Mr. Vahid Najafi

    Support Member

  • Ms. Sara Pezel

    Orchestra & Violin Teacher

    Teacher Representative

  • Mrs. Laurie Lee-Ricks

    Assistant Principal

    Administrators Designee

  • Student Representative